Pentest as a Service: How to enhance your company's security efficiently?

Pentest as a Service: How to enhance your company’s security efficiently?

Pentest as a Service (PTaaS) offers routine evaluations of a company’s system, application, and network security through simulated cyberattacks aimed at identifying vulnerabilities and weaknesses. This approach employs a range of innovative tools and techniques, including vulnerability scans, intrusion testing, and code analysis, to uncover potential security threats. Additionally, detailed reports provide actionable insights and recommendations for addressing identified vulnerabilities over the medium to long term.


How does the Pentest as a Service (PTaaS) work?


Let’s consider a scenario where a financial institution engages the PTaaS service to assess the security of its online banking platform and uncover potential vulnerabilities in user authentication or data protection protocols. The steps to follow are:


  • Gather as much detailed information as possible about the systems, applications, networks, and any other target that needs to be evaluated. This may include IP addresses, application URLs, network diagrams, and more.
  • Develop a program with the scope and objectives of the pentest. This may include which systems and applications will be evaluated, the level of access permitted for testing, and the types of tests to be conducted (such as web application testing, network testing, etc.).
  • The pentesting team initiates the testing phase, employing a blend of automated tools and manual techniques to pinpoint vulnerabilities within the company’s systems and applications.
  • After concluding the tests, the pentesting team thoroughly analyzes the outcomes. They identify and document any vulnerabilities uncovered, categorizing them according to their level of risk and providing detailed descriptions of how they could potentially be exploited by malicious actors.
  • The pentesting team provides a detailed report outlining the identified vulnerabilities, their potential impact on the company’s security, and precise recommendations for risk mitigation. This report is then submitted to the company for further review and follow-up.
  • Finally, the company reviews the report and initiates the implementation of the recommended corrections. This may involve applying security patches, adjusting system configurations, updating software, and other recommendations outlined by the team in the report.
  • At CyScope, we offer the convenience of requesting a retest of findings with just one click through our advanced vulnerability management platform. This functionality streamlines the mitigation process, ensuring greater efficiency and speed in obtaining results. Additionally, we provide a clear and centralized view of all findings, facilitating thorough and historical tracking. As a result, our clients experience a significant reduction in cyber risks in an optimal and appealing timeframe.


Why run a Pentest as a Service project with CyScope?


Talented Experts

Our skilled professionals are carefully selected and always stay updated with the latest threats, attack techniques, and industry-leading security protocols. This constant updating allows them to effectively identify and address security vulnerabilities, thus providing an exceptional level of protection for our clients. Additionally, they work closely with our technical team to ensure quality results.


Efficient Execution

No more endless and countless meetings; your penetration test requests, and subsequent tests can be created and processed in just a few clicks. This agility in the process means you won’t waste any more valuable time coordinating meetings and waiting for responses. Simply access our platform, and in a few easy steps, you can submit your request, allowing us to swiftly work on securing your systems.


Effective Collaboration

At CyScope, we bring together skilled ethical pentesters who collaborate to simulate real attacks on your digital assets with an internal team of dedicated experts (the CyScope Team) to ensure the quality of your project. Our highly trained and experienced pentesters evaluate the security of your systems from an external perspective, employing the same techniques and tools that malicious attackers might use.

Beyond conducting the tests, these ethical pentesters maintain clear and effective communication throughout the process with the team. This means you’ll receive regular updates on the progress of the tests, key findings, and potential solutions.



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You can start protecting your digital assets today!


We’re your best ally. At CyScope, we effectively combine cutting-edge technologies, expert analysis, and a comprehensive understanding of evolving cyber threats. In summary, our pentest solution offers the advantages of regular, unique, and scalable testing. Contact us today and let’s start working together for your company’s security.


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