This document establishes the terms and conditions (“General Terms and Conditions”) applicable to the use of and access to the services of CyScope, that, through them, allow the identification of security vulnerabilities, through the collaboration of experts with experience in computer and network security.

This contract, together with the policies and principles of CyScope, applies to any person (“User”) who wishes to register, access and/or use the site and its services (hereinafter “Platform”).

Any violation of the terms and conditions established in this document will be considered as sufficient cause for the organization to suspend the registration and / or service to the user who has incurred such conduct.

Persons who do not have legal capacity, such as minors, those who are declared with incapacity to enter into acts or contracts, may not use the services and/or register as users. For users who are legal entities such as Companies, Corporations or any denomination that refers to a group of persons or capital, it is understood that whoever acts in its subscription has the capacity to represent to contract on behalf of such entity and to bind the same under the terms of this agreement.

The contents and documents that the platform makes available to the user have been duly reviewed and treated, in order to keep them free of viruses or any technological element that may be harmful, while they are available on the platform. For this reason, CyScope will not be responsible for damages or alterations that may occur in the handling or treatment after downloading by users.

The User declares to have read, understood and accepted all the conditions established in the General Terms and Conditions and in the Privacy Policy and Disclosure Policies, as well as in the other annexes incorporated therein by reference, prior to their registration as a User of CyScope.

For the purposes of this instrument, the following concepts must be understood:

  • Hacker(s): refers to a user registered at and approved by the internal team of CyScope, which has experience in the field of computer security.
  • Company: refers to a user registered at and approved by the internal team of CyScope, who requests the revision of his system in order to detect security vulnerabilities.
  • System: refers to a functional intangible technological means, whether it is web applications, mobiles, IoT, software, among others, on which the Company wishes to carry out tests to identify computer-type vulnerabilities.
  • User: is a generic term to refer to both Hackers and Company.
  • Immediate notice: corresponds to the communication that will be delivered and must be answered within 24 hours following the required fact that must be communicated.

In order to use the services of CyScope, accessible from its website CyScope, accesibles desde su sitio web, both Hackers and Companies must create a user account, completing the registration form in all its fields with valid personal or company data. Company (“Data”).

The future User, declares and guarantees that the data provided is reliable in terms of its veracity, accuracy, validity and authenticity of the Personal Data and documentation that they make available to CyScope in order to create their account and assume the commitment to update the data when necessary.

CyScope may use various means to determine the validity of the Data of its Users entered for registration, but CyScope is NOT responsible for the accuracy of the Data provided by its Users. CyScope reserves the right to request any proof and / or additional data for the purposes of corroborating Personal Data, as well as temporarily or permanently suspend those Users whose data could not be confirmed.

To get access to the user’s account (“Account”) CyScope will request that the user enters a user name or an e-mail address, a security password (“Security Password”), which will be considered an identifying and enabling element for accessing CyScope services.

The password will be personal and non-transferable, so the “User” is obligated to keep the confidentiality of their security password, assuming otherwise, the consequences that may arise from the use of it by third parties other than the “User” , having to keep in peace and safe to CyScope for any type of unauthorized use of the password. The “User” will be responsible for all operations carried out with their password. It is clarified that the sale, assignment or transfer of the Account (including reputation and qualifications) is expressly prohibited under any title.

It is forbidden for the same User to have more than one Account. If CyScope detects Accounts that contain related or matching data, it reserves the right to cancel, suspend or disable them. CyScope reserves the right to reject any application for registration or to cancel a previously accepted registration, without being obligated to communicate or state the reasons for its decision and without creating any right to compensation.

In the case of companies or users who wish to review a system, they must provide proof of ownership of the system to be tested or have authorization from its owner or creator to submit it for testing on CyScope. The data provided by the company, in this regard, are its sole responsibility as to its veracity and authenticity. Notwithstanding the foregoing, CyScope will always have the power to require the documentation or background that it deems necessary to determine the ownership of the systems that it is requested to review.

It will be considered as strictly confidential information, hereinafter the Confidential Information or simply the “information”, all information likely to be revealed by written means, verbally or by any other means or support, tangible or intangible, currently known or that enables the state of the technology in the future, that is exchanged between the parties, whether it is provided by the Users or is available through the platform of CyScope for the use of the users.

CyScope undertakes the necessary and sufficient measures to prevent confidential information provided by the User from being disclosed to third parties.


In accordance with the Privacy Policy of CyScope, all personal information is processed and stored on servers that maintain high standards of security and protection, both physical and technological. For more information on the use of Personal Data and their privacy, you can consult the Privacy Policy. On the other hand, the User accepts and acknowledges that all the information contained in the Platform, as well as that which CyScope may provide, either in written, electronic or verbal form, is information which content the User must protect by treating it as confidential (hereinafter the “Confidential Information”).


Confidential Information includes, but is not limited to, correspondence, technical information, commercial information related to the organization and its activities, technical and contractual knowledge of CyScope.


CyScope declares to comply with all the existing and necessary security measures, regarding physical elements of information.

All information exchanged or made known regarding the use of the platform CyScope, is the exclusive property of the party from which it comes. CYSCOPE , will not use third party information for its own benefit. Furthermore, the transmission of Confidential Information will not generate any industrial property, know-how or copyright or industrial rights in favor of CyScope.


In the same way, it is strictly prohibited for CyScope to disclose, transfer, sell and/or assign in any way, either partially or totally, any information or Know-How provided by the revealing party; which constitutes for all purposes a business secret; CYSCOPE will be responsible for the duly accredited infringement committed by itself or by any of its Users who provide information, responding for direct damages that are actually caused. Notwithstanding the foregoing, CyScope, may repeat against whoever is responsible for such disclosure of confidential information, without prejudice to other actions that may be carried out. Failure to act by CYSCOPE does not imply in any way a tacit waiver of such actions.

The confidentiality obligation agreed upon in this contract shall not govern if CyScope were required by law, the courts of justice and / or the competent supervisory bodies to reveal or deliver all or part of the Confidential Information delivered or obtained pursuant to this Agreement. The User affected by this requirement will be notified prior to disclosing the information so that they can take the necessary and pertinent measures, provided that such notification is not expressly prohibited by law or by the requirement made by the authority.


However, this obligation of confidentiality will cease once the aforementioned information becomes public domain due to a fact other than disclosure by CyScope.

These terms and conditions will come into effect from the date of acceptance by the User and will have an indefinite duration.


If the User wishes to be unsubscribed from the platform, they must give notice at least 15 (fifteen) days in advance by sending an email. CyScope, will proceed to authorize the withdrawal from the platform or disaffiliation, only once it is verified that the User does not have any management, payment and / or pending obligation.

CyScope reserves the right to change, add or remove parts of the General Terms and Conditions, at any time, making the update date public on the website. It is the responsibility of the User to periodically review the Terms and Conditions when using the website and its services. The user acknowledges and accepts that it is their responsibility to review the General Terms and Conditions periodically and be aware of the modifications.


All modified terms will take effect 10 (ten) days after their publication. Any User who does not agree with the modifications made by CyScope may request the withdrawal of the account.

CyScope is not a provider of the services offered through its platform.


The payment of all applicable taxes detailed in the Tax Law of each country where it is located will be the charge and cost of the service provider or hacker.


The term “Taxes” includes any charges and taxes associated with the Services, including applicable interest and penalties.


Once the reward (bounty) has been paid, the owner company will generate and issue the tax document corresponding to the residence of the service provider:


  • For Hackers who reside in Chile, the owner company will issue an Electronic Ticket of Services to Third Parties, subject to the provisions of SII Exempt Resolution No. 112 of December 22, 2004, with the data provided at the time of registration. as established in the Terms and Conditions. The taxes related to the ballot will be deducted from the payment of the bounty. The Electronic Ticket for Third Party Services will take into account the value of the US Dollar on the day of its issuance. This amount in Chilean pesos will be deposited into the Hacker’s bank account within 10-15 business days.
  • For Hackers who are domiciled outside of Chile, a Purchase Invoice (Invoice) will be issued, with the data provided at the time of registration as established in the Terms and Conditions. The hacker must provide the details of his Paypal account to receive the amount of the reward, which will be paid within a period of 10-15 business days. The cost of transferring money through PayPal or another financial service is covered by the service provider (hacker).

The following annexes form an integral and inseparable part of the General Terms and Conditions and are understood to belong to it:


This agreement will be governed in all its points by the laws in force in the Republic of Chile.


Any controversy derived from this agreement, its existence, validity, interpretation, scope or compliance, will be submitted to the applicable laws and to the competent Courts of the City of Santiago de Chile and the procedures will be carried out in Spanish.